tirsdag den 24. februar 2009

The list of participants

Below is a list of the people who have confirmed their attendance at the double AIEP-SKS/Nordic Crime Wave-conference in Reykjavík this spring - may 28th - 31st.
I only list those who have explicitly and definitely confirmed their attendance, those of you who have hinted that you'll possibly or even probably be there will be added to this list as soon as you confirm your attendance, and the list will be constantly updated, as the confirmations roll in.

So, here goes...

From Europe

Agnete Friis (DK, SKS, AIEP - Glass key nominee)
Anne B. Ragde (NO, SKS, AIEP)
Bob Cornwell + 1 (UK, AIEP)
Borislav Iotov + 1 (BL, AIEP)
Carmen Iarrera (I, AIEP)
Charles den Tex (NL, AIEP)
Chris Rippen (NL, AIEP)
Diane Wei Liang (UK/China, AIEP, Special Guest)
Helga Anderle (A, AIEP)
Ingrid J. Kurnig (A, AIEP)
Irmtraut Karlsson +1(A, AIEP)
Janet Laurence (UK, AIEP)
Jo Nesbø (NO, SKS, AIEP, Special Guest)
Johan Theorin (SE, SKS, AIEP - Glass key nominee)
Jutta Motz (CH, AIEP)
Lene Kaaberbøl (DK, SKS, AIEP - Glass key nominee)
Marko Kilpi (FI, SKS, AIEP - Glass key nominee)
Piet Teigeler + 1 (BE, AIEP)
Richard Donnenberg (A, AIEP)
Risto Raitio (FI, SKS)
Susan Moody (UK, AIEP)
Vidar Sundstøl (NO, SKS, AIEP - Glass key nominee)
Willy Dahl + 1(NO, SKS, AIEP)

From the USA

Cynthia Smith (AIEP)
Deen Kogan (AIEP)
Jenny White (AIEP)
Jeremiah Healy (AIEP)
Jim Madison Davis (AIEP)
Jim Weikart (AIEP)
Sandra Balzo (AIEP)

From Japan

Ken & Harue Matsuzaka (AIEP)
Tadashi Oyama (AIEP)

Arnaldur Indriðason (SKS/AIEP)
Bergljót Kristjánsdóttir (SKS)
Coletta Bürling (SKS)
Eiríkur Brynjólfsson (SKS/AIEP)
Gunnar Gunnarsson (SKS/AIEP)
Kristján Jóhann Jónsson (SKS)
Ragnar Jónasson (SKS)
Viktor Arnar Ingólfsson (SKS/AIEP)
Yrsa Sigurðardóttir (SKS/AIEP)
Ævar Örn Jósepsson (SKS/AIEP)

torsdag den 19. februar 2009

AIEP-SKS Reykjavík - Things are shaping up

From now on, until the upcoming AIEP/SKS double-AGM/Nordic Crime Wave-conference is behind us, all posts on this blog will be in english. This is not only for the benefit of many Icelandic and Finnish SKS-members, but also for our international guests attending, who will be advised to look to this blog for updates on the preparations for the conference(s).
The Nordic Crime Wave-programme is shaping up, and this is what it looks like at the moment (most of this has already been listed in the last post, but here it is again, this time in english, and just a little more detailed):

Thursday, may 28th, 20.00: Get-together
The Writer's Union of Iceland welcomes the participants of the joint AIEP/SKS-conference under the roof of the GrandRokk-pub in the center of Reykjavík, a longtime benefactor of the Icelandic Crime Syndicate.

Friday, may 29th
10 - 13: AIEP Business-meeting
13 - 14: Lunch & lecture. Nordic Crime Wave part I: Crime in Iceland


15 - 16: Awarding of the Glass key (open for the public)

16.30 - 18.00: Nordic Crime Wave part II: Lectures - suggestions for themes more than welcome. Teh topic most probable at the moment:Nordic crime makes a killing: What's the secret behind the mysterious success of nordic mystery-novels? Suggestions for other themes are more than welcome (and volunteers to participate in panels/give a lecture on the subject as well...)(Open for the public)

ca. 19.00 onwards: Suburban bbq; eating, drinking and chatting/plotting into the bright night...

Saturday, may 30th
10.00 - 13.00: AIEP Business-meeting
13.00 - 14.00: Lunch & Lecture, Nordic Crime Wave part III: How to rob a nation and steal a country...


15.00 - 17.00: Nordic Crime Wave, part IV: Top drawer. Three or four best-selling authors on the international crime-scene interrogated about their crimes. Names of the suspects will be revealed at the earliest possible date... (Open for the public)

19.00 - late: Farewell-dinner with questions... A three-course meal, accompanied by a criminally insane quiz - and an even crazier quiz-master.

Even later: A pub-crawl in the center of Reykjavík for the night-owls and party-animals.

Sunday, may 31st
12.00 - 13.00: SKS-AGM & light lunch

14.00 - onwards: Sightseeing for those with time (and possibly money) to spare...

Everyone has to pay for his/her own accomodation during the conference. A special offer for conference guests at the Loftleidir Hotel stands until march 1st, 12.500 icelandic kronas for a double, standard room, 10.400 for a single, standard room. E-mail to
icehotels@icehotels and mention the conference in order to ensure these rates, if you choose to stay at this hotel (the farewell-dinner on saturday will take place there).

The sightseeing on sunday (4-6 hour trip) is still a work in progress - like everything else, I admit - but the sights will be interesting, some of them linked to real and fictional crimes, and the cost will be kept at a minimum (and if we manage to rig up enough volunteers with cars, it will be free of charge).

Defying one of the best known laws of economics, the lunches will be free - at least, participants of the conference will not be the ones paying for them...we hope.

The friday bbq will be cheap, and hopefully completely free of charge, but guests are encouraged to bring their own beverages (remember the DutyFree!)
As for the farewell-dinner on saturday - well, we're still working on the funding for that one...

That's it for now, more soon.