tirsdag den 10. marts 2009

Deadline for a murderous weekend

Although the special offer for the hotel-rooms at Loftleidir Hotel has (at least officially) expired, that does not mean you're too late to sign up for the AIEP/SKS-AGM's and the accompanying Nordic Crime Wave-congress.
The deadline for registrations is April 30th.
Send your registration to me, before that date, and you're on for an unforgettable, literary and criminally interesting weekend in Iceland.
And even if the special offer has expired, that does not neccessarily mean that you cannot stay at the same hotel as the rest of the gang. It only means that they do not guarantee that you'll get a room there at these dates and at these prices. So, if you reckon you're coming after all, don't hesitate to e-mail the hotel at icehotels@icehotels - and don't forget to mention the AIEP-SKS conference in your booking, who knows, they might just decide to forgive you for being late...
Ævar Örn