lørdag den 24. februar 2007

AIEP -Berlin

From Piet Teigeler, president of AIEP:

Dear all,

We shall meet in Berlin (Arte Kunsthotel) on 6, 7 and 8 of September 2007.
Fritz Dinkelmann is still dealing with different authorities, but he proposes the following
- AIEP meeting room in the Bundespresseamt (international press building) in walking distance from the hotel
- Meeting with specialized police force dealing with violence from perpetrators on the extreme political right
- Public readings by our members in specialized book stores
- Meeting during boat trip on the Spree
- Visit to Sans Souci in Potsdam
- Bus provided by the municipality of Berlin

I would have waited to contact you until we had more of the ultimate dates and hours, but there is a catch.22:
The Arte Hotel is one of the most sought after addresses in Berlin and the management would only give us an option on a number of rooms until March 31 2007 12.00 CET
Here are the prices:
double room with shower and wc: 135 euro/night (option on 13 rooms)
single room with shower and wc: 89 euro/night (option on 7 rooms)
double room with bath/wc on the floor: 85 euro/night (option on 7 rooms)
single rooms with bath/wc on the floor: 50 euro/night (option on 6 rooms)
Breakfast buffet is 9 euros per person.

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