onsdag den 8. februar 2006

SKS's framtid - the short version

Hallo alla tilsammans!
In the following 19 (!) short articles (as there seems to be a newly developed problem with publishing long articles on this blog) I dare to present to you my view of SKS's future. I have already sent an e-mail with approximately the same content to all vice-presidents for consideration. But this is the short version:

  • we should stick together and keep it simple
  • anyone who wants to be eligible for nominating and voting for a Glass-key candidate has to be a member of the SKS
  • being a member of SKS (as a national society) involves only two things: The Glass Key (nominating the respective society's candidate and, after that, voting until we have a winner...) and hosting the AGM every five years (if there are five societies in the SKS willing to fulfill these (easy) conditions).
  • let's have some fun, folks
  • As for the rest of it, it's just something we have to work out. And we can work it out - if we want to. Why make things complicated, when they can be simple? After all, we're not Germans (and let's hope no Germans read this site and start burning Icelandic flags in protest of this insulting generalization of german philosophy...)

PLEASE - do not hesitate to comment upon each and every article concerning SKS's future - either as a direct comment on each article, or as a seperate article to be posted here (simply mail it to me: avarorn@simnet.is and I will post it asap.

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