onsdag den 8. februar 2006

SKS's framtid - Statutes and purpose

The main – no, the ONLY purpose of SKS should be what is stated in paragraphs 2 and 6 of its statutes.
It is my personal opinion, that there is no need to be too formal about this whole business. Of course we have to have clear-cut, simple and sensible no-nonsense guidelines, rules or statutes, which we have to follow. But the main thing is to ensure that nordic crime-writers, as well as academics and enthusiasts in the field of crime-writing, keep in touch, compare notes – and compare novels/short stories, with the aim of rewarding the best each year.
My idea of the SKS is that it should be a loose-knit organisation, what we in the north call a paraply-organisation, made up of the various, national societies, and – possibly – also individuals who care to join us and, according to paragraph 3, meet the requirements for membership on their own.
Such individuals will have to apply for membership and be accepted – or rejected – at an AGM, and we might well add some further amendments to our statutes as to how this is to be done (does the individual need to have published a certain number of books/short stories/articles or otherwise made him/herself worthy of membership? Does he/she need recommendation from one or more members? Etc.)
This, however, does not mean that these individuals have anything to say about who gets the Glass Key – this should be left exclusively to the juries of the respective, national societies. If, however, any of these societies choose to ask an individual who is not amongst its members to be a member of their jury, that, of course, is their prerogative.

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