onsdag den 8. februar 2006

SKS's framtid - Where?

There have been voices saying that we should stick to one – or possibly two – venues for the AGM; Denmark (Horsens) and possibly the book-fair in Göteborg. This, some say, will make it much easier and cheaper all-round to attend.
That may well be, when all is counted and the medium cost calculated. It will certainly be cheaper for the Danes and the Swedes. But this measure, to my mind, would go against the whole purpose of SKS as stated in paragraph 2.
O.k., so there won’t be many Danes or Icelanders when Suomen Dekkariseura hosts the AGM in Lappland in the year 2011 or whenever. And even fewer Norwegians when we in Iceland invite you all to join us in Grímsey a couple of years later. But the few Danes, Icelanders, Swedes and Norwegians attending the AGM in Lappland – or wherever – will meet a lot of Finns. And a quite a number of Icelandic crime-writers, enthusiasts and academics will have the opportunity to meet some choice-crime freaks – and authors – when we host the AGM.
It’s not unlike the football World Championships, or any other inter- or multinational event, when you think about it. Yes, a lot more Danes would show up at the World Cup if it were held in Denmark every time. But instead, a lot fewer people from every other possible host-country would be able to enjoy the spectacle. Therefore the AGM - and the awarding of the glass-key – should be held in a different country each year, in my opinion. On the whole, this offers a lot more people the opportunity to attend one.
If the program sounds unintresting or the price seems too high for someone – anyone – in the other countries, they simply stay at home and read about it later. This should be no big deal. Neither for the hosts nor for those who choose not to attend. In a year or two, the AGM will be held closer to home, and they do attend. Along with the few from the other countries who make the trip, and the many from their own country who seize the opportunity they otherwise would not.

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