onsdag den 8. februar 2006

SKS's framtid - The simple life

Is it not possible to simply make this an organisation, where the five contributing societies (+ perhaps a couple of enthusiastic individuals) meet for a chat, an interesting exchange of views and experience and eventually a few interesting lectures from a few interesting extra/celebrity-guests once a year, and then simply go about their own business for the rest of the year?
Does the co-operation have to go beyond the co-ordination of the juries and the joint prize awarded in the wake of that limited co-operation?
Has it ever done so?
And is it really necessary to have a full-blown organization with a seperate budget and all the hassle that comes with it? A board consisting of a president, five vice presidents and a secretary and whatnot? An accountant?
My answer, until I hear otherwise, is no.
This is how I see it: We have five, national societies, each of them different in some ways; membership-criteria, numbers, etc. But we know of each other, and we have certain things in common. And we want to meet each other and award a prize for the best, nordic crime-novel/book of short stories each year.
So where’s the problem?

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